About Us

Who are we and what is the San Antonio Coffee Company?

We are Ryan and Meriah and we live in beautiful San Antonio, TX with our cat, Stitch. We are a loving, carefree couple who enjoy biking, camping, learning about business and of course we are always on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee!

Owning a coffee shop has been a dream of ours for several years and was one of our top 2020 goals. We could not imagine a more perfect business for us. We both love customer service and were excited to welcome people into a shop where people could connect socially or work on an important project. A storefront that would be welcoming and friendly, somewhere that was like walking into a home of a friend or family member. Then the world reminded us that it was 2020. You know, the year 2020 that has now become a meme sensation! We decided that 2020 may not be the best time to open a brick and mortar storefront, so it was back to the drawing board. In between cups of coffee of course!

Over the next couple of months, we watched people stay home and crave the things they have always loved but from the comfort of their homes. We traveled to the coasts of Portugal, watched the cows come into the valley in Switzerland and discovered how gorgeous the coffee bean farms in Columbia are. All from the comfort of our living room.  From there, San Antonio Coffee Company was born. How could we not want customers from all the world to experience the beauty and hospitality of “Alamo City”? How many people have been here and could walk down memory lane of an amazing trip through a cup of coffee? How many people have never been but can now enjoy the sites of San Antonio through our posts on social media? 

Great ideas are just that, ideas. Then comes the hard (but also crazy fun) part. The hunt for the best roasters and the perfect blends. After many introductions, meetings, and tastings we finally found the perfect partners to help us achieve our vision. We are proud to carry blends from Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Tanzania as well as several other diverse growers.  Countless hours were spent on our Alamo inspired logo, user friendly website and our approach to customer service. We are not a direct sale or multi-level marketing company. You will never be asked to sell for us or enlist other people to sell for us. Of course, if you want to share a cup with your friends and encourage them to help us feed Stitch by purchasing a bag (or 10!), we will not complain but we are simply two people sharing their love of coffee with the internet. 

We are excited to have launched our online store featuring premium whole bean, fine ground, and K Cup options in mid-September.  One of the things we are most excited for is that each order is freshly ground when your order is filled to ensure the highest quality flavor and freshest grind, this is something your tastebuds will thank you for after every cup of San Antonio Coffee Company coffee.

What is next? Well, we hope you will follow us on our social media platforms and tag along with us on our adventures through San Antonio and the surrounding areas. We also cannot wait to hear from you about where you are enjoying a cup of our coffee.

Thanks for joining us on this crazy adventure and from the bottom of our hearts thank you for supporting a small, local business!

Ryan and Meriah